Scratch IT to see IT

In EMBED 2012, the “Scratch IT to see IT!” competition was based on the freely downloadable graphical environment known as Scratch designed by MIT specifically for introducing children to programming in a fun and easy way.

Students in teams of 3 under the leadership of a teacher of ICT, Computing or any other subject were invited to design and create a game, interactive story or similar production loosely related to the EMBED theme – Maltese History. The teams were given the opportunity to showcase their skills and projects on a stand at EMBED.

Entries have been judged according to the following criteria, all of equal weight: originality, thematic interpretation, technical quality, fun element and authenticity.


17 teams from 9 different schools and colleges in Malta and Gozo participated in this SCRATCH


The majority of schools submitted 2 different projects presented by 2 separate teams.

In all there were about 50 students from Form 1 – Form 4, who took part in this competition; their ages ranged from 11 – 15 years.

It was a delight to see students mastering the SCRATCH tool and come up with such fascinating projects with the assistance of their ICT teachers. The students presented their project at EMBED 2012 with enthusiasm, motivation, commitment, and teamwork! We could see the hard work they put into it, including working on the project during lunch breaks and during their Easter holidays to make that extra effort – but the results speak for themselves.

Through interactive graphics, sound, recording of speech and even drawing of scenes, the students managed to submit a number of interesting games and stories depicting Maltese history and/or culture. Besides programming and the utilisation of ICT, the students demonstrated their creativity, and design – skills that are considered an asset for any career.

It was a difficult choice to award the prizes sponsored by Computer Solutions Ltd., Alert Communications, Crimsonwing and Mr. John Ambrogio – Chairman of the eSkills Alliance.


Results of the Competition are:

First prize:

School: De La Salle College

Project: Malta Journey through Generations

Teacher: Ms Dorianne Spiteri

Students: Edward Zammit, Axel Scicluna, Ryan J. Zammit

Prize: A Netbook sponsored by Computer Solutions Ltd

This game which consists of 3 mini-games on the history and culture of Malta – usable also for having fun while learning about the Maltese history.


Second Prize:

School: Archbishop’s Seminary Secondary School

Project: Blasting Malta

Teacher: Ms Maureen Cristina

Students: Ryan Borg, Jake Farrugia, Raoul Mifsud

Prize: Pen Tablet sponsored by Alert Communications

A game based on the World War II and the several bombardments and attacks on the Maltese Islands. The game provides an insight of to the attacks on Valletta, Grand Harbour, Senglea, Cospicua etc during World War II.


Third Prize:

School: St Patrick’s Salesian School

Project: L-Assedju l-Kbir 1565

Teacher: Ms Gianella Busuttil

Students: Daniel Borg, Dylan Sammut, Noel Spiteri

Prize: Job Exposure sponsored by Crimsonwing

An interactive story and game based on the Great Siege of Malta of 1565. The game gives users the opportunity to test their knowledge about this historical event.


Surprise prize:

School: St Ignatius College, Girls’ Secondary School

Project: Ikla Rizzi

Teacher: Mr Joseph Vella

Students: Eden Micallef, Roberta Camilleri, Deborah Azzopardi

Prize: Digital Camera sponsored by Mr John Ambrogio – eSkills Alliance

A game associated with the feast of St. Gregory marking Maltese folklore. 2 players compete in the quest to find 80 sea urchins for a plate of pasta – a Maltese delicacy. As a prize, the game provides the winner with the recipe for pasta with sea urchins sauce.

This Competition was a joint effort between MITA, the eSkills Alliance, and some ICT industry players, the Faculty of Education within the University of Malta and the e-Learning Centre within the Directorate for Educational Services (DES) and Directorate for Quality and Standards in Education (DQSE).


Contact Form

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Embed Awards 2013 Project Submission Form

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Example Submissions

1. Animated presentation;

Animated presentations, created using school ICT hardware and software. Entries in this section will be limited to 2 minutes in length and the subject of the animated presentation is left to the school’s choice. Schools will have to demonstrate that pupils have been extensively involved in creating the animation.

2. Digital media;

Entries to this section will make use of digital media to support teaching and learning. The digital media could be stimulus material or an outcome from working on a project, resource development or editing existing digital materials. Where the digital media is an outcome, schools will have to demonstrate that pupils have been extensively involved in creating / developing / editing the resource.

3. Promotion of town;

…Or village, community in eTwinning, Ekoskola or other initiative is open to all categories and must demonstrate the involvement of the community. Work must show students’ presentations or promotional material that promotes their locality through text, images, sound or video. These presentations should be created through ICT and presented as digital media.

4. e-safety;

e-Safety is an important issue for schools to consider. Entries to this award should demonstrate how schools are meeting the challenges it presents. They may include:

  • descriptions of activities to raise awareness of staff, pupils and parents,
  • the establishment of internal systems to provide protection for all users,
  • the establishment of systems which allow safe access outside school

Workshops for Adults

Adults are encourage to join us on Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th November anytime between 9am and 4pm. Activities will be held through which one can view on how they can help their children use ICT for their learning.

These sessions will be aimed at participants who would like to keep up with their children in using technology whilst improving skills in engaging and communicating effectively with their child and the school.


Workshops for Educators

EMBED 2013: Technology Enabled Learning in practice is going to be held between Wednesday 20th November and Wednesday 27th November 2013 at MCC, Valletta. Educators and the general public can participate on Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th November.

On Saturday 23rd, educators will have the possibility to attend the second edition of ‘Your Classroom. Their Future’ conference hosted by ICE Malta. For more details and to book a place please visit

Other Technology Enable Learning activities will be held throughout the weekend. Weekend events will start at 10:00 till 16:00.


Workshops for students

Primary and Secondary schools participated in various workshops which were set up for this event.  Students were able to use tablets, iLearn platform, digital cartoons, ibooks, interactive whiteboards, robotics, gaming, story making, digital content and other elearning tools. These workshops focused on this year’s theme; Ecology.

Workshops included various established entities including Fronter, MITA, the Faculty of Education, educ Investment, iCenter, Siveco, Hitachi, eTwinning, Microsoft, ICE Malta and IMS.


Awards Night

The awards night will be held on the evening of Friday 26th November. Winners of each category will be announced in this special event.


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