In order to raise the profile of the event and to provide incentives for broader participation we are looking for different sponsors willing to offer monetary, hardware, human resources, and other related services needed for the successful organisation of this event.

The sponsors would benefit from increased visibility through their support of this initiative. Further details of this visibility will be discussed individually with those stakeholders who express an interest in the initiative and in sponsorship.

Potential sponsors should contact directly:

Keith Aquilina or Dennis Zammit
eLearning Support Teachers

eLearning Centre,
Phone: +356 25982805


Sponsorship schemes


Entries 2013

The following is the list of entries submitted this year for the eLearning Awards 2013. Shortlisted entries will soon be published. Winners will be announced in EMBED, November 2013.



Name Surname School Name Title of Entry
Joan Camilleri St Ignatius College Primary Qormi St Sebastian Learning with ICT tools in Kindergarten
Karen Bugeja Gozo College Gharb Primary School Il-Brimba l-biezla
Maria Attard Special Education Services Department Home tuiton and the Chocolate factory
Doreen Said Pace DQSE-Afl section When Pedagogy, Programmes and technology come together
Matthew Sultana Gozo College Boys Secondary Gozo College Boys Secondary – School Website
Mariano Zammit Gozo College Kercem Primary Use of Fronter and eLearning resources by school teachers
Mariano Zammit Gozo College Kercem Primary Use of Fronter by classroom teachers
Karen Falzon Gozo College Kercem Primary Using the Verdict Voting System in a Mental Maths Revision Lesson (Year 6)
Joanne Chircop St Benedict College, Qrendi Primary School Colours
Stefania Spina Briffa St. Thomas More Girls Secondary School, St. Lucija Peer Learning through Blogging
Rebecca Tabone St Benedict College, Mqabba Primary Il-Biedja u l-uzu tal-art.
Claire Amato Amato St Benedict College, Qrendi Primary School Using the talking book, the voting system and photostory to evolve the theme of water.
Maria Ciappara St Ignatius College, Siggiewi Primary The Pro-Bot Challenge (Using the Pro-Bot for problem-solving)
Melanie Ungaro Immaculate Conception School Tarxien T he implementation of a school web-based portal
Carmeline Mangion St Ignatius College, Siggiewi Primary Time for Time
Anabelle Azzopardi St Ignatius College, Qormi SG Primary Michael Jackson: Black or White
Melissa Bonello St Ignatius College, Qormi SG Primary Colours: Black and White – Language Games
Silvana Farrugia St Ignatius College, Qormi SG Primary Where do they come from?
Elaine Aquilina St Ignatius College, Luqa Primary Year 3Y Make Pizza…
Rodianne Xuereb B’Kara Primary St.T heresa College Shapes
Joanie Xiberras Gozo College Girls Secondary School Victioria Eco Action Network
Mario Xerri Gozo College Girl’s Secondary School Learning and Teaching without Frontiers
Rose Mary Bonnici Gozo College Z ebbug Primary The Citadel
Claudia Brincat St. Ignatius College, Z ebbug Using Technology in the kindergarten class
Charmaine Mangion St Ignatius College, Qormi SG Primary Means of Transport
Claudine Chircop  St Ignatius College Primary Siggiewi Learning is Fun @ Siġġiewi
Claudine Chircop St Ignatius College Primary Siggiewi Parrots ~ The Virtual Classroom
Deo Grech St Benedict College Ħal Għaxaq Primary School St Benedict College Ħ al Għaxaq Primary School’s Fronter Staffroom
Romina Baldacchino Santa Margerita College Bormla Primary Tell me a story Project
Romina Baldacchino Santa Margerita College Bormla Primary Spring garden
Romina Baldacchino Santa Margerita College Bormla Primary School Blog –
Erika Medati Malta Writing Programme (Support Teacher) Understanding and Writing Directions with Bee-Bot’s help
Diana Carabott Saint Margaret College Verdala BSS Promoting Books through Media
Joseph Refalo Gozo College Ghajnsielem Primary Our School Blog
Marthese Briffa St. Ignatuis college, Luqa Primary Four Seasons
Agatha Galea St Ignatius College St Sebastian Primary School Logħob Tradizzjonali Malti
Marilyn Grima St Benedict College Ghaxaq Primary ICT in kindergarten
Martin Attard Gozo College Nadur Primary The Use of Bring-In Sites and Recycling
Isabelle Attard Gozo College Ghajnsielem Primary Solid Shapes
Carmen Cardona Gozo College Ghajnsielem Primary Rhyming Words
Deo Grech St Benedict College Ħal Għaxaq Primary School St Benedict College Ħal Għaxaq Primary School’s Official Website
Deo Grech St Benedict College Ħal Għaxaq Primary Ħal Għaxaq Primary Creative Writers’ kidblog
Rodianne Xuereb B’Kara Primary St.Theresa College il-kuluri tan-natura
Rodianne Xuereb B’kara Primary St.theresa College Ir-rahal taghna
Rodianne Xuereb B’kara Primary  St.Theresa College ix-xhur ta maghtul is-sena
Rodianne Xuereb B’kara Primary St.Theresa College Numbers 1-20
Rodianne Xuereb B’kara Primary, St.Theresa College people who help us
Romina Fenech St. Ignatius College, Qormi Primary St. Sebastian Habitats
Carmen Mifsud Gozo College Ghajnsielem Primary Trasport
Sylvia Abela St.Benedict Kirkop Primary School The Ant and the Dove
Patricia/Janet Bondin/Mifsud St Thomas More College, Marsaskala Primary The Little Red Hen
Janice Darmanin Skola Primarja Hamrun SS (Kullegg San Gorg Preca) Using iLearn to enhance staff support, good practice and sharing of ideas.
Ilona Costa St.Ignatius College, Luqa Primary Spring Time
Stephanie Cumbo St. Ignatius Luqa Primary Cinderella Creative Writing
Rodianne Xuereb B’Kara Primary St.Theresa College l-alfabett Malti
Rodianne Xuereb B’Kara Primary St.Theresa College il-granet ta maghtul il-gimgha
Rodianne Xuereb B’Kara Primary St.Theresa College Fairytales
Rodianne Xuereb B’Kara Primary St.Theresa College il-granet ta maghtul il-gimgha
Josephine Teresa Buttigieg B’Kara Primary Kullegg Santa Teresa Alfabett bil-Malti
Josephine Teresa Buttigieg B’Kara Primary Kullegg Santa Tereza In the Garden
Marion Muscat St Ignatius College Primary Luqa The Three Little Pigs
marilyn micallef St Ignatius college Primary Luqa Animals around us
Mary Rose Gauci St. Ignatius college Qormi St. Sebastian Is-Sillabi
Christina Vella STMC Fgura Primary A SMILE  (acronym for Social Skills, Motivation for school, ICT, Lifelong Learning, Education in Europe.
Amanda Bonnici St Benedict college Għaxaq Prmary Qwiel u Idjomi
Marica Barbara luqa primary Our classroom Blog
Karen Camilleri St. Ignatius College Qormi Primary St.Sebastian Attivitajiet fejn tintuża’ t-teknoloġija għall-Malti Ċekkjatura 1
Joan Libreri St. Monica School, Gzira Games and Activities using the Interactive Board in the Early Years
Catherine Grech Tabone St. Ignatius College Qormi, Primary SS Integration of Technology in the classroom
Natalie Cassar Gozo College Nadur Primary At the Circus
Marion Rapa Gozo College Nadur Primary Dinosaurs
Christopher Portelli Gozo College Nadur Primary Fractions
Michel Spagnol St. Ignatius College Boys’ Secondary School Tal-Handaq Qormi MyKSI Online Assessment Database
Alexia Baldacchino Alexia Baldacchino Green Screen Experience
Diana Carabott Saint Margaret College Verdala BSS Writing Stories with Storybird
Nadette Camilleri Pavia San Gorg Preca College Hamrun Primary SS Using the Fronter ilearn platform as a tool for teaching and as a resource for learning
Erika Medati Malta Writing Programme Malta Writing Programme Website
Michelle Buhagiar Gozo College Rabat Primary Poem Writing and Weebly
Loretta Mercieca Gozo College Rabat Primary Poeziji u Weebly
Muriel Caruana St. Theresa College Boys’, Secondary School, St. Venera Promoting the use of ICT – PhotoStory activity
Alison Galea St.Clare College, San Gwann Primary A Christmas Time
Doreen Gerardi Gozo College Z ebbug Primary Food
Anna Maria Bates Gozo College Zebbug Primary Transport
Joanne Grima Assessment for Learning Unit Assessment for Learning Fronter Room
Brian Sultana Gozo College Boys Secondary School L-Iskuża tal-Libertà
Brian Sultana Gozo College Boys Secondary School Il-Bibbja
Analise Tabone St. Ignatius Luqa Primary People who help us
Elizabeth Jones St benedict College B’Bugia Primary C The Gruffalo
Lorna Camilleri Gozo College Rabat Primary WordPress blog for our school’s Nurture Group
Francine Galea Gozo College Rabat Primary Days of the Week (Year 2s)
Joyce Buttigieg Gozo College Ghajnsielem Primary Personal Hygiene
Nathalie Scerri St.Theresa Girls’ Secondary Mriehel Health4Life!
Mary Micallef St. Theresa College B’Kara Primary School Think Green
Marica Galea St. Benedicts College Gudja Primary School Is-Sajd u l-Akwakultura
Cheryl-Ann Mamo Sliema Secondary Boys Light and Sound IWB presentation/activity
Graziella Micallef St Theresa College Birkirkara Primary L-ittri bil-Malti
Graziella Micallef St Theresa College Birkirkara Primary Reuse, Reduce and Recycle
Melanie Camilleri St. Theresa College, Birkirkara Primary Hurricanes
Nadia Mifsud St Nicholas College, Mtarfa Primary L-Uzu ta’ l-Art, Bahar, Rizorsi u Tibdil – Is-Sajd
Jesmond Gauci Gozo College Boys Secondary School Jien, Int u l-Knisja
Salvina/Yvonne/ Diane Goodlip/Vassallo/
St Nicholas College, Mtarfa Primary Under the Sea
Jurgen Azzopardi St. Ignatius College, Boys’ Secondary Handaq Secondary Students Go MCAST
Vincianne Zammit St.Benedicts’ College Gudja Primary School Voting System and Starboard Resources
Margaret Borg St. Ignatius College,  Qormi St. Sebastian Primary School Use of  ICT in kindergarten
Diane Jones Helen Keller Resource Centre Qrendi Favourite Links
Marika Vella Montebello St. Margaret College – Zabbar A Little VIPs – Virtual Innovative Pupils
Daniella Polidano Ghaxaq primary/Science Centre Classification of Animals
Doreen Spiteri St. Ignatius College, Siggiewi Primary Language Blocks  – Promoting English and Maltese literacy skills
David Mario Caruana Saint Clare College Gzira Primary Eliminate Class Registers and help the Environment.
Susanne Fagerbakke St.Clare College – San Gwann ‘A’ Take a Look.  Read a Book. –
Sephorah Sultana St. Ignatius College, Siggiewi Primary School Learning is Fun @ Siġġiewi
Michelle Saliba St Clare College Gzira Primary Innovative Maltese Resources
Michelle Saliba St Clare College Gzira Primary Our School Website
Susanne Fagerbakke St.Clare College – Gzira Primary My Complementary eClassroom
Antonella Gili St. Albert the Great College Fun use of the netbook
Gianella Busuttil St Patrick’s Salesian School Sliema Kull Qatra Tghodd
Sharon Vella Scifo St. Clare College Gzira Primary Improving Literacy through Digital Literacy from K1 – Yr6
ruth tanti mangion Attard Primary School Recycling with Pre schoolers
Marisa Ben Hadj Khalifa St Ignatius College Qormi SG Kinder 2.3 – My virtual classroom
David Camilleri Sacred Heart Minor Seminary Comenius Project “Food for Thought”
Martina Pace SGPC Paola Primary ‘A’ Around the World
Angelique Attard St Nicholas College, Mgarr Primary Mapep
Marilyn Bugeja Mgarr Primary School Fejn Sparixxa?
Melanie Sultana St Margaret College, Cospicua Primary School Tradizzjonijiet Maltin mal-Milja taz-zmien
Marion Falzon Ghio SMC Cospicua Primary Leading an Innovative School



Robotics Challenge 2013

All secondary schools were invited to participate in this 3rd edition of the national robotics competition with one team of 3 students between the ages 13 to 15 and mentored by at least one teacher. This event took place on the 25th April 2013 with 11 participating schools.

The scope of this challenge is to elicit participants to work constructively within their team building basic communication, problem solving, design, and programming skills. In this event, through the use of NXT Mindstorms robots (currently used in computing), students worked through a given task.  Upon registration, teams have been given instructions on the first two sections of the task. To complete the task, the NXT Bot had to begin from the start box, travel to the treasure, retrieve it, bring the treasure to the treasure box and deposit it. Then, by following the black line, the bot had to travel to the victory flag by passing through the barriers and trigger the flag release.

This year’s robotic challenge winners will be awarded the following prizes gently sponsored by IMS (exclusive Lego Education distributors);

Placing School type Name of School Prize


Church St. Augustine’s College Mindstorms NXT Resource Set


Church St Michael School Pneumatic Add-on Set


Independent San Anton School Temperature Sensor for Mindstorms NXT

Moreover, each student who has participated in this event have been given

  • 75 euro voucher from STC training
  • 25 euro voucher from Holistic institute
  • 10% discount from IMS

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.


Software and Ideas

The Scratch web site – – has thousands of examples which may serve to motivate and inspire students, as well as extensive tutorial and learning materials.

Suitable ideas for this themed competition include interactive/animated presentations, games, simulations and stories.

A quick browse of the Scratch gallery of examples will no doubt produce many more possibilities.

You can download versions of Scratch for Mac and Windows. Scratch will even run off a pen drive, thus overcoming any security restrictions on school PCs or laptops (see for further details).


Judging Process & Criteria

Entries will be shortlisted by the eLearning Centre. Shortlisted entries will then be judged by a panel of independent judges. The panel of judges will be made up of representatives from MITA, the Faculty of Education, and the eLearning Centre.  It may be necessary for judges to contact participants or arrange a visit to get more information.

Entries will be judged according to the following criteria, all of equal weight:

Originality Is this just another shoot ‘em up, or has the team made a special effort to come up with something that little bit different? Did students draw their own graphics or did they use clipart? Did they record their own music/sound effects? Please note that any non-original elements used must be copyright-free.
Thematic interpretation How well did the team interpret the set theme – Ecology?
Technical quality How well did students use the technology – the Scratch programming language, graphics, sounds etc.?
Fun element Is the production fun?
Authenticity How much of the entry is the students’ own work? Team leaders are free to help their team, but the production must be the students’ own work. The onsite judge will award points for this criterion on the basis of a short interview.


Registration: Monday 18th March 2013 – Interested teachers are required to fill in the online form available at  in the competition section.

Workshop: Wednesday 20th March 2013 – A Scratch workshop will be held after school hours for any interested educators. Participation needs to be booked via the online form.

Project Submission: Friday 24th May 2013 – Participating schools need to create a gallery at  Students’ productions should be uploaded in this gallery including  student names and school. Each team should submit their project url on

Judging: End of May 2013 – Shortlisting of submissions will be done by eLearning centre staff. Judging panel will afterwards choose the winners for each category.

Awards Ceremony: Presentation of awards to winners will be held during the EMBED event which will take place in November 2013.



EMBED Awards 2013: Learning through technology

As in previous years, the eLearning Awards will be held during Embed. These awards focus on the use of technology for learning where judges will look into what benefits the use of technology has brought about for learning.

It is a chance to showcase the work teachers and students are producing, thus celebrating the achievement of students in their learning and how technology can enhance the quality of teaching in schools.

Educators who, this scholastic year, are using ICT in their educational context are invited to submit entries for the eLearning EMBED awards. These awards are open to educators based in the Maltese primary or secondary sector.

Click here to fill the Submission Form (deadline extended to 31st May). June 2013, submissions will be shortlisted and judged.

These will be the categories for this year:


Smart New Teacher of the Year

Open to all qualified teachers in their 1st, 2nd or 3rd year of teaching

Leader of the Year

Open to all Heads of School, Assistant Heads and Heads of Department.

Smart Learning Early Years

Open to all teachers from K1 – Year 3

Smart Learning Primary

Open to all qualified teachers from Year 4 – Year 6

Smart Learning Secondary

Open to all qualified teachers in secondary schools

Smart Learning Support

Open to all types of teaching assistants, including complimentary and other classroom support staff (peripatetic).

Collaborative Award

This is open to any group of local educators who have collaborated towards a common goal.

Outstanding Educator Award

EMBED winners of the previous two years are to submit their entry in this category.

Fronter Special Award

All submissions which incorporate the use of the iLearn platform will be automatically eligible for this award.




Awards Submission Form


Robotics Challenge Registration Form


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