Level of excellence in criteria

1. Innovation

Innovation in eLearning may be defined as a transformation occurring in a learning context which is enabled or supported by technology. The entry shows significant evidence of such a transformation focusing on originality and inventiveness. The majority of the content and many of the ideas are fresh, original and inventive.

2. Quality
A. Content Quality: The educator has extensive content knowledge, with evidence of continuing pursuit for such knowledge.
B. Tech Quality: Use of technology in this entry is of exceptional quality. Clear evidence that the use of technology enhanced learning. Without technology learning objectives would have been difficult to achieve.

3. Pedagogical value
A. Clarity of Goals: All goals are clear, written in the form of student learning, and permit viable methods of assessment.
B. Learning activities are relevant to students and instructional goals. They progress coherently, producing a unified whole and reflecting recent professional research.
C. Curriculum match: Benefits to the curriculum objectives. Entry is focused on syllabi to be covered.

4. Context value

The submission has proven beneficial to the context (individual students, whole class/es or school/s). A large amount of students have made extensive and relevant use of technology.

5. Sustainability and Transferability

The activity or its learning objects can be used and/or re-used to support learning.
Features of activity and or its learning objects are accessible by a variety of students with different learning needs.

6. Collaboration

This submission shows that a community of practice has evolved in which the educator/s have actively participated and developed personally or professionally. A high degree of collaboration between educators is evident.



For the Fronter Special Award, the following criteria will be used:

1. Most Fronterised subject

When teaching a specific subject – such as a historical period, the periodic table, a literary genre or similar – how many Fronter tools has the teacher used? This is both a quantity and quality category that measures both the number of tools used and how well they are being used to support the topic.

2. Workflow

How has a teacher demonstrated initiative and creativity in motivating and facilitating Fronter use among the pupils? How well has Fronter use been introduced in the whole learning cycle from introduction of a new topic, through individual and group work on tasks and problem solving all the way to assessment?

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