Embed Awards 2015

Educators who, this scholastic year, are integrating technology in their pedagogy have been invited to submit entries for the eLearning EMBED awards. As in the previous years there are great prizes to be won.


Technology is simply a tool that helps in reaching the main aims set for learners. These awards focus on the use of technology for learning where judges will need to see what benefits the use of technology has brought about for learning.

An entry should cover a school’s activity, lesson, resources or project which has been developed and/or used in scholastic year 2013/14 or 2014/15. Previously submitted projects cannot be resubmitted, unless there have been significant developments.

Submitted projects should be based on a number of experiences and activities should be spread over a period of time so as to give ideas the time to develop and mature. The use of technology should not be superficial but must be determined by pedagogical objectives, where students actively participate in the learning process and be given a chance to express their ideas in different ways (e.g. project based learning, peer-based learning, inquiry-based activities, collaborative learning, discussion groups and self-directed learning). The judges will be looking for learning situations where students are able to express diversity, collaboration, communication, critical analysis and creativity. Through such situations, students become more active participants in their own learning.

Award categories will be set according to the submitted entries. As well as assessing submissions against the set criteria, the judges will need evidence to support the submission.

The deadline for the submissions of entries for the eLearning EMBED awards was Wednesday 27th May 2015.