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Digital Literacy Week – March 2015

In the second week of March 2015, the Department of eLearning has organised the Digital Literacy Week. Throughout the week, various schools have organised activities showcasing the effective use of technology in the learning process. Activities included

  • online searching using Kahoot,
  • game based activities using Minecraft,
  • the use of Virtual Learning Environment & Reusable Learning Objects,
  • fun with coding,
  • story telling with programmable floor robots,
  • digital microscope to analyse fruit and leaves,
  • exploring properties of shapes using Probots,
  • using Skype for a communication activity,
  • Plickers app and QR codes in a real-time voting activity,
  • story comprehension using a voting system,
  • robotics activities using Lego NXT Mindstorms,
  • an online paint program (ABCya Paint) for students to express themselves in an artistic way,
  • web 2.0 tools to enhance students’ participation and motivation and
  • the use of Probots in mathematics.

Around 250 students participated in workshops organised at the Department of eLearning. Workshops included Coding Apps, WeDo, Pro-Bots in Maths, Exploring Habitats through Web 2.0, Beebots and digital voting activities.

Digital Literacy Week