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Malta Robotics Olympiad 2015


Robotics Challenge 2013

All secondary schools were invited to participate in this 3rd edition of the national robotics competition with one team of 3 students between the ages 13 to 15 and mentored by at least one teacher. This event took place on the 25th April 2013 with 11 participating schools.

The scope of this challenge is to elicit participants to work constructively within their team building basic communication, problem solving, design, and programming skills. In this event, through the use of NXT Mindstorms robots (currently used in computing), students worked through a given task.  Upon registration, teams have been given instructions on the first two sections of the task. To complete the task, the NXT Bot had to begin from the start box, travel to the treasure, retrieve it, bring the treasure to the treasure box and deposit it. Then, by following the black line, the bot had to travel to the victory flag by passing through the barriers and trigger the flag release.

This year’s robotic challenge winners will be awarded the following prizes gently sponsored by IMS (exclusive Lego Education distributors);

Placing School type Name of School Prize


Church St. Augustine’s College Mindstorms NXT Resource Set


Church St Michael School Pneumatic Add-on Set


Independent San Anton School Temperature Sensor for Mindstorms NXT

Moreover, each student who has participated in this event have been given

  • 75 euro voucher from STC training
  • 25 euro voucher from Holistic institute
  • 10% discount from IMS

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NXT Challenge 2012

The NXT Challenge 2012 is a national robotics competition which has been organised by the eLearning Centre in the Directorate for Quality and Standards in Education as part of EMBED . All Maltese secondary schools were invited to participate in this robotics challenge which was open for all Secondary Computing students aged between the ages of 13 to 15.




Students showed enthusiasm whilst working through the given task. Also, it was interesting to see how the students used their problem solving skills to come up with a solution to the given task. Some teams used flowcharts to draft a plan on how this should be solved. Others worked by trial and error to refine their solution to the problem. During this hands on task, the students were able to learn in a non-traditional way rather than a formal traditional environment. Moreover as also evidenced in the NXT workshops, such robotic kits enable students to collaborate together whilst learning at their own pace.

All participating schools, in particular students are to be commended. All competing students will be receiving a certificate of participation. Schools will be receiving these by post. The first three schools have been awarded the following prizes kindly sponsored by IMS Ltd, the local suppliers of the Lego Education kits.

    1st = LEGO Education Renewable Energy Add-On set
    2nd = LEGO Education Mindstorms NXT Resource Set
    3rd = LEGO Education Pneumatics Add-On set

One trusts that this learning activity has been enjoyable.

The winning teams for this year were St. Augustine’s College, De La Salle College, and St Ignatius Girls Secondary School.


NXT Lego Mindstorms Challenge 2011

The eLearning Centre within the Curriculum Management and eLearning Department held the first editition of this competition using Lego NXT Robotic kits which are being used in the secondary curriculum. As part of this event, state and non-state secondary schools were invited to participate in the first robotics challenge of this kind in the Maltese Islands. The following ten schools took part in this event;

  • Gozo College Boy’s Secondary Rabat Gozo
  • Gozo College Girls’ Secondary Rabat Gozo
  • San Anton School, Secondary
  • St Clare College Boys’ Secondary Gzira
  • St Ignatius College Girls Junior Lyceum Blata l-Bajda
  • St Margaret College Boys’ Secondary Verdala
  • St Theresa College Boys Secondary B’Kara
  • St Thomas More College Junior Lyceum Zejtun
  • St. Augustine’s College
  • St. Joseph, Sliema

The time allotted for the challenge was of 2 ½ hours were students had to figure out how to make the Lego NXT Mindstorms navigate through a 3D maze mounted on an 8ft x 4ft board having one entry point on one side and one exit on the opposite side. The aim of this challenge was not intended to gauge teachers’ methods or to differentiate between schools. The main objective of such an activity is to involve students in a fun and challenging learning environment. Through the NXT challenge students were urged to sharpen both their problem-solving and teamwork skills.

Students working through the Maze

The winning group of students included Form 3 students; Cleven Pirotta, Dejan Delia and Neil Griffin from St Margaret College Boys’ Secondary Verdala. Mr Raymond Camilleri, Director (Curriculum Management and eLearning Department) and Mr Stephen Cachia , Principal St Margaret College both congratulated these students and emphasised how the inclusion of such learning artefacts in the classroom enable a learner-centred classroom through which students may better succeed.

NXT Challenge 2011 winning team

Each student in the winning team was awarded a complete LEGO Education Mindstorms NXT set kindly sponsored by IMS Ltd, the local suppliers of the Lego Education kits. All competing students have received a certificate of participation.