Malta Robotics Olympiad 2015

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mScratch 2013

The Faculty of Education at the University of Malta, MITA and the Department of eLearning within the Directorate for Quality and Standards in Education (DQSE) once again launched this design … continue reading

Only Girls Allowed

It’s time for a NEW and EXCITING ICT Competition for Form 1 & 2 Girls sponsored by MITA and PARTNERS! . Let’s encourage the girls to take advantage of this … continue reading

Robotics Challenge 2013

All secondary schools were invited to participate in this 3rd edition of the national robotics competition with one team of 3 students between the ages 13 to 15 and … continue reading

Software and Ideas

The Scratch web site – – has thousands of examples which may serve to motivate and inspire students, as well as extensive tutorial and learning materials.

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Judging Process & Criteria

Entries will be shortlisted by the eLearning Centre. Shortlisted entries will then be judged by a panel of independent judges. The panel of judges will be made up of representatives … continue reading


Registration: Monday 18th March 2013 – Interested teachers are required to fill in the online form available at  in the competition section.

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NXT Challenge 2012

The NXT Challenge 2012 is a national robotics competition which has been organised by the eLearning Centre in the Directorate for Quality and Standards in Education as part of EMBED … continue reading

Secondary Robotics Challenge

Robotics Challenge 2013

Registration form will be available soon.



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mScratch Project submission

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